Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/11 meals :)

Eekk! I'm late on posting this week!

I decided that we will try at least one new meal a week! This week its the Mediterranean Lentil Salad (leftover from last week) and the pasta with white bean sauce! I hope they turn out well :).

Monday: Mediterranean Lentil Salad w/ homemade bread
Tuesday: Pasta with white bean sauce, salad, homemade bread (I"m going to use either almond or rice milk and use the garden variety of pasta), roasted veggies with dip
Wednesday: Easy Peasy beans & rice, veggie
Thursday: Chickpea burgers (Frozen), veggie
Friday: Quinoa Stuffed peppers, homemade bread
Saturday: Frozen Pizza (We need a lazy day!), salad
Sunday: Zucchini Rice Fritatta, fresh fruit

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