Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/11 meals :)

Eekk! I'm late on posting this week!

I decided that we will try at least one new meal a week! This week its the Mediterranean Lentil Salad (leftover from last week) and the pasta with white bean sauce! I hope they turn out well :).

Monday: Mediterranean Lentil Salad w/ homemade bread
Tuesday: Pasta with white bean sauce, salad, homemade bread (I"m going to use either almond or rice milk and use the garden variety of pasta), roasted veggies with dip
Wednesday: Easy Peasy beans & rice, veggie
Thursday: Chickpea burgers (Frozen), veggie
Friday: Quinoa Stuffed peppers, homemade bread
Saturday: Frozen Pizza (We need a lazy day!), salad
Sunday: Zucchini Rice Fritatta, fresh fruit

Want to see other menus or get fun recipe ideas? Visit Organizer Junkie's website for Menu Plan Monday where bloggers post their weekly plans!


  1. we had the easy peasy beans and rice this week...ate it inside burritos. yum! going to try the white bean pasta and the pasta salad and the cold pizza next week...can't wait!

  2. @Nicole! I didn't see your comment until now! I can't believe I served you easy peasy beans and rice for lunch and you just had them! Grr!