Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meals 9/11/2011

So I've been really bad about meal planning. Not just on the blog but in real life! I thought I'd try out planning what to eat the day before based on what we had in the pantry. And when I'm at the store only buy sales/staples. It didn't work out so well. I've read that its highly recommended to keep the food budget down, but maybe I'm just not creative as they are or maybe its easier to do if you eat meat. Either way we were eating the same things over and over and always wanting to go out to eat.

So, its back to meal plan time! We are trying a couple new recipes this week. The broccoli cheddar soup, and the summer cheese pie (which looks amazing!). Oh and Wednesday is going to be a date night for us! We'll rent a redbox and put the kids to bed (well the baby will still probably wake up) and have some kid-free couple time :).

Every other Friday is our "easy" night too because I now run the fruits/veg co-op I was in. So, I need something super easy.

Saturday: Out to dinner-Carrabba's (giftcard) (we typically go out after church on Saturday's)
Sunday: Lentil burgers, oven fries, kale chips (feel free to change this up. Its great with just salt and pepper, with apple cider vinegar, etc.)
Monday: SW Quinoa casserole in tacos, cooked carrots
Tuesday: Broccoli Cheddar Soup, homemade bread
Wednesday: DATE NIGHT :) Summer cheese pie, salad
Thursday: Bean and cheese enchiladas, broccoli (I now make my own enchilada sauce. I had no idea it was so easy!)
Friday: Artichoke Quiche (reheated--I froze one last time we had it), fruit salad
Saturday: Publix Subs (delicious & cheap)

Now I'm off to the grocery store :)

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