Sunday, November 7, 2010

A little bit about me and this blog :)

Hi! I'm Anna, 25 years old, and a vegetarian. I decided to start this blog in hopes that it would help people like me who never know what to eat! Every week I sit down to make a menu and it typically takes a couple hours once I get find meals and make a grocery list. I've used meal planning websites, but vegetarian ones are few and far between, and the ones I have found are either for families (4-6 people) or have a lot of processed "crap."

This blog will feature a weekly meal plan as well as recipes. I have no idea where it will go from there, but I'm always open to suggestions :).

For those wondering this will be a lacto-ovo vegetarian plan, though I do make it a point to eat vegan some weeks and we always have a few vegan meals anyways :). There will be no fish or meat in the meal plans.

A little more about me... I've been vegetarian on and off for a while, but I haven't eaten meat for a year and a half. I have a 2 year old daughter who has been raised vegetarian as well. I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant (due in January 2011) so bear with me if I get a little behind around then. I decided to become vegetarian after being pregnant with my daughter. During the pregnancy I couldn't stand the thought, sight, or smell of meat. Prior to being pregnant, I didn't really enjoy it. I also can't stand the way they treat animals. For a while we bought only organic meats but this was very expensive and I wasn't really enjoying eating meats. The transition was a little rough. We'd do great some weeks and then awful others. One day I finally said enough is enough and I haven't touched meat from that day forward.

A little about our diet... we don't drink cows milk. I typically buy "original" almond milk because its what I like :). I also never ate eggs, unless I put them in cookies or something. However, since being pregnant this time around I've either been craving them or hating them. We'll see what happens after. Otherwise we are your pretty typical vegetarians :).

I'm always open to suggestions and comments. I looove getting comments, its so nice to know people are reading you blog :).

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