Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meal Plan beginning 11/21/2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! We're celebrating with a friend and making some of the dishes (all vegetarian of course).

We ate leftovers a couple of times (we had so many!!) so we have two leftover recipes, but I'm just going to take the French toast one off, so we have one repeat from last week. Oh and LOTS of salad. I ordered 2 heads lettuce in my co-op and they're HUGE!

Meals for this week:
Greek Stuffed Zucchini, Green beans with lemon and garlic
Vegan Fajitas, salad (vegan)
Broccoli Tortellini Casserole, salad
Eggs with toast, fruit salad
Leftovers (Thanksgiving)
Leftovers (Thanksgiving) or something light like grilled cheese, cereal, etc.

For Thanksgiving this year I'm making:
Veggie Meatloaf (cook lentils according to package instructions... I always use more too)
Cheesy Potatoes (altered to be veggie)
Veggie Gravy (I have packets from another co-op I'm in)
Rolls (breadmaker)
Cranberry stuff
Stuffing (just using veggie stock instead of chicken stock)
Pumpkin Pie
Sparkling Cider

Appetizer: Cheeseball and crackers

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